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Santa Irene Club de Vela Newsletter - 1st September 2010

We are home, with happy memories of our holidays, I can recommend northern Spain at this

time of year, with a temperature of 20º to 24º during the day. We had booked our selves into a semidetached villa 10 klm out side Villaviciosa in Asturias, overlooking the estuary of the river, quiet and peaceful, just what we needed. Nearby was the small Nautical Club at El Puntal but like many of the harbours and marinas of Spain, majority of the boats were motor cruisers.

Although we visited Tazones, Lastres, Llanes, Ribadesella, we didn´t discover a Dinghy Sailing Club or any Racing Dinghies. On the day we were going to visit Gijón, where I was sure to find Dinghies and Luxury Yachts a grand festival was in progress and we couldn´t get near the Port, so instead we turned in land, once again to visit the “Picos”. It was our lucky day when we chose to visit La Felguera for our lunch and met Manuel, a Horticulturist, who introduced us to the Flora and Fauna of the area.

The trip North and Return was part of our holiday. So having negotiated the 4 lane outer circle road around Madrid with the traffic traveling at 100 klm / hour on the way up, we stopped the night at Rueda, a small village, which boasts a fine Bullring. Not only that, the road leading to the entrance was covered with sand ready for the “Bull Run”, when I guess many visitors from Madrid and Valladolide would arrive. The population of the village was only about 1600 but looked very prosperous with 5 Banks in Main street, remember we were in the centre of the Wine Growing country.

On our return journey, we stopped at Mota del Cuervo, Northwest of Albacete , the centre of the Wind Mill country and Don Quijote. Our host that evening was Sancho! He hopes to visit us some time in the near future, that´s if he can persuade his Donkey to move!

So, to you sufferers of the heat, I say: “ Go north young man” and for me “ Here´s to the next time as Henry Hall would Say”.

How have our Sailors been doing? Certainly not just messing about in boats. I hear that the “Toppers” have been on the water and two of our recent arrivals the “Wayfarer” and the “Lark” Dinghies have been on a Mini Cruise for the day to Villaricos. They entered the harbour for Lunch and returned in the afternoon. They were some of our new members with an adventurous spirit. It could become a regular Port of Call with more Dinghies and a R.I.B.

Well done Lads and Lasess, I have no worries about the future of Santa Irene.

Remember the “Extreme 40” Catamarans will be racing in Almería harbour on the 9th to the 12th of October, it will be well worth a visit.

Visit us at the Club House, Rincon del Puerto, Garrucha, Saturday and Sunday morning, 11am onwards.

Take care.

John Talliss
Tel : 950 475 157
Movil: 658 548 790


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