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Santa Irene Club de Vela Newsletter - 20th December 2006

“ The beach was alive with the sound of music” Well it was in front of the Hostal Bellavista on Saturday 9th December. It was our annual Dinner and Dance – everyone is talking about it, Well – I am and then there’s Vic, Jim, George, Peter, Paul and Margaret, Rosie, Steve, Trevor, Jefferes and Irene plus 60 others. My sincere thanks to Irene, she certainly deserved the Bouquet, which was presented to her. Our thanks to our Hosts, Rosa and Juan and to our guests Laura and Miguel who represented the Club de Vela Garrucha (the big boys). On the “morning” of the 9th equally spectacular was the cruiser race out of Garrucha in which the dinghy “boys” of Santa Irene took part. Lindy and Frank invited Vic, Paul and myself to crew their 36ft Beneteau.

Due to starting procedure being changed at the last moment, we found ourselves at the rear of the fleet at the start, but once we settled down in a nice F3 to F4, our helmsman Frank did a superb job, picking off the opposition one by one. By the time we were at the fish farm we were lying second behind our friends, Miguel, Laura and family, young Miguel and Macarena. After a rounding of the Mark that could have put us in the America’s Cup, we pulled away again. The result was Miguel and family 1st, Frank & crew 2nd, another great day in paradise.

If you are thinking why can’t I do that – you should come and talk to us. After our night on the tiles and not a good forecast, I didn’t expect to see anyone on the Playa on Sunday morning, but along they came George, Jim and the two Hobies, Vic Irene and a few more – Lynne and Paul were at Garrucha. It was a good sailing day, but very cold for Mojacar! That evening at home, I was thinking what a tremendous weekend it had been. I think we can safely say we are here to stay. There is no doubt we have some good members and some good friends.

For those who know me – know of my love for the little Optimist and the kids that sail them. I’ve seen 104 Oppies at Benidorm S.C. a couple of times, at the 3 kings regatta in January. Then Lynne and I went to see 124 of them race at Almeria Club de Mar in the summer. It’s the boat that looks like a “bath-tub” but in the hands of a young expert can sail like a rocket. The age range for the kids is 8-15, they are good sea boats, don’t take my word for it – go and see them.

I’ve just been reading about 13 year old Phil Parks, who became Optimist National Champion for the second time running this summer. Young Phil says he started sailing when he could sit up, it’s been great growing up in the Oppie because I have been presented with so many opportunities. Mum says- the list of benefits is endless, it helps general confidence, languages when they travel, fitness and the ability to get on with other people of all ages. Perhaps you and your family should come and join us – it is a family sport.

Another item to catch my eye was the “Access Dinghy National Disabled Sailing Championships” held at Frensham Pond SC in Surrey. I have never been there but I have sailed in an Access dinghy as crew in a disabled sailor. Another boat for the Disabled is the “Challenger” a 15ft Trimaran.

“Who knows the future?” Oh! I did get some mincemeat, I had a good contact in Mr UK – Vicky, I taught her to sail a few years ago.



Time to wish you all

          AND A
       NEW YEAR


Take care

John Talliss
Tel : 950 475 157
Movil: 658 548 790


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