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Santa Irene Club de Vela Newsletter - 22nd November 2006

What a week this has been, what a fair mood I’m in, it’s…………so what’s the next line? If you’re having a bad day – it could cheer you up.

Sunday 5th, the seas were rolling in, no chance to launch anything off the playa, some rain about too, so sailing was cancelled. I was OK, I had taken our Topper dinghy to the Harmony Gym, to put it on show and talk to as many people as I could, it was their 10KM “Fun Run”! Vic is thinking of building a trolley, so we can run with it! Any Volunteers. It was a grand day every one enjoyed it. Our thanks to Harmony Gym.

On Monday my good friend Dodie took me to Lorca, to catch the train to Barcelona and the Boat Show. For us more mature souls the price was reduced from 48 to 34 Euros. The return journey by coach to Vera was 51 Euros, any one wishing to know more about the journey give me a call. I was able to stay with Salvador’s sister, Ma Luisa. It was a good show, with 5 big Exhibition Halls, plus boats afloat in the Port, which I didn’t visit. No overcrowding, plenty of space, good snack bars etc. “Wind Cat House” the Hobie’s had its own café. Laser had a good range of boats, my interest was the Picos, Stratos and of course the SB3, the RS range of dinghies were good too. There was not as many dinghies as you would see at the London and Southampton Boat Shows, but plenty to interest me.
Oh! On Wednesday I was helping Ma Luisa on the “Monokites Stand”, if you are into Kite Surfing look at or movil 655 887 491.

Friday I needed to get back in Mojacar, but would have been happy to spend another couple of days around the show.

Saturday was the cruiser race out of Garrucha, I had been invited to sail on Frank’s Beneteau (provided I didn’t get in the way!). So I volunteered to be bow-man - well he already had Lindy, Irene, Vic and Paul. In light airs we made a good start, it was down to the 1st buoy of the fish farm at Villaricos and back to Garrucha. Miguel, the local chemist was first to finish in his new 42footer, I’m not sure where we were on handicap, but it was another good day – my thanks to Lindy and Frank.

On Sunday we were without Lynn and Paul, they have sold their 470, its gone down to Estepona. They have bought a Laser 4000, yes, that the one with racks , so Paul can get even further out on the trapeze. That’s another good reason for you to come and see us, and the Laser 4000.

The wind on Sunday was a steady F2-3, so good for us all, Nick who is a Sr. sailing instructor, was out on the Pastinaca, a bit tame after the Osprey he sails in the UK. The Cats had a couple of races with honours divided, George and Vanesa won the first race and the heavy weights, Vic and Frank winning the second – how did they do that!

It was good to see Vanesa out on the water again, back in 2002 as a 13-14 year old she learned to sail with us in a Mirror, Oppie and Topper, we look forward to her return from her holiday in America.

I’ve just been reading of the 17 year olds raising over £10,000 for Sailability- sailing for the disabled, by crossing the Channel in Lasers. They are Nick Church and Florence Barrow, the journey was completed in 3hrs 20mins, and the weather conditions were F4, Congratulations to them both.

NOW! Remember, Remember the 9th of December! it’s our annual Dinner & Dance at the Bella Vista Hotel, Mojacar Playa, you are all invited – it was a grand night out last year.

Come and say Hola, when you see us Playa Del Cantal, opposite Mr UK, Sundays all day

Take care

John Talliss
Tel : 950 475 157
Movil: 658 548 790


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