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Santa Irene Club de Vela Newsletter - 10th July 2008

No Sailing! But that was the week that was, Thursday the 12th of June to the 19th. On the 12th we, Houri and I had a phone call from councillor  Emilio Egea in the Town Hall to say: that our paper-work was at last all signed, sealed and delivered. So on Friday the 13th, we were in his office asking: when can we be Married? The answer was: when ever you like;  Since it was Houri's Birthday on the 19th, why not a double Celebration, 5 days to get our selves organized.

At  12:30 on Thursday  the 19th in the Salon de Actos, we said: si quiero ( I do). Our sincere thanks to Rosa Maria Cano, the Alcaldesa who made us feel totally at ease. We celebrated at home with Old and New friends, the Guests of Honour, were Maria and Gaspar Egea, from whom I bought my first house in Spain, with a " Hand Shake and a Contract we wrote out our selves". Our thanks to all our friends for their good wishes, there were more than 50 of you. We are happy the Champagne didn't run out, thanks to Dermot.

Now , some sailing news: last week we went to visit Cuevas, for a chat with the Sports councillor, the result was we may have the use of the " Canal" on Saturday mornings, to put some Optimists on the water. Looking to the future we could be involved in the Oppie Inland Championships. Of course its also the ideal stretch of water for Kids to learn to sail. So were are those 8 to 15 year olds who want to be the next Ellen Mc Arthur or Ben Ainslie.

Lets not forget the Hobie Catamaran's, the numbers are growing. Unfortunately they may have to move to " Terreros" for July and August; but I'm sure, we could have a permanent site at Villaricos in the future. I also think it's about time we started a "Youth Squad" to join  " Dad's Army" sailing the Hobies. Where are the Teenagers who want to "fly a Hull" on the blue and warm Mediterranean.

The week before I said: "I do", I took our first disabled sailor on the water. Brian, who suffers from M.S. sails a "Challenger Trimaran" on the lakes of Wiltshire. He was able to get him self on to " Dos Amigos" and take the helm before returning to the U.K. Brian will back with us in the Autumn and  I'm sure there is more we can do for disabled sailing at the Cuevas Canal.

It's the "Round the Island Race" on the 28th of June and guess what! along side Ben Ainslie will be "Formula One" start Lewis Hamilton sailing onboard "Hugo Boss" is he thinking of changing his sport?

The sailing Olympics start on the 8th of August, we wish them all Good Fortune.
We hope to see you on the slipway at Garrucha for a coffee and a chat, 11:00 am mas o menos.

"Who loves you Baby", it's Cuevas Ayuntamiento, we now have their permission to use the " Canal" which built for the Mediterranean Games in 2005. It's 1.200 m long, 100 m wide and I guess the depth is about 3 m, we will measure it this Saturday. From now, the Santa Irene Club, will be sailing our Optimists, Topper, Cadet, when I get it out of Moth Balls, plus the Europe if Lyndon can join us, with our Inflatable to row around the lake. I hope next week to have the Pastinaca  training boat with us too. This will be on Saturdays Only, Sundays we will be at Guarrucha.

I hope families will get involved, it's a beautiful and safe situation for learners or expert  sailors. The youngsters will never be more than a few metres away from their Parents, and no waves to worry about. Where is it? The "Canal" was built in the dry river bed just below the "Dam", you may see the signs "Canal de Remo" (rowing) which is what it was built for. When will we be there? Saturday morning from 11 am onwards . When you are there, you will want to stay so bring a sandwich. Oh! At the present time we do have the use of the Loo's! Etc...
And what else do I want to achieve , if it's basically single handed sailing, why not "Laser Sailing" the Laser 4.7, Laser Radial and the Standard Laser. We then have two Olympic Boats, the Ladies Radial and the Men's Standard. At this date the 12th of July, Spain hasn't qualified for a berth in the  Beijing Olympics for the " Ladies Laser Radial" spot, neither  has Ireland or Greece.

A decision will be made after the Laser Radial World Championships now being sailed in Auckland New Zealand. I think the Spanish Olympic Team need a bit of help!! Madrid could be chosen for the 2018 Olympics  they are on the Short List of 4 Cities.
If we can sail the Ladies Laser Radial at Cuevas maybe we can find them a Champion for 2018. How about our  9 year old Harriet who was sailing with us at Cuevas last week. Come and visit us, you wont regret it .

News of our " Hobie Cat" fleet, as I write , Thursday the 10th they are testing the playa at Carboneras, I've just  phoned Vic , he tells me : "it been a very good day with 3 Cats on the Water and 3 crew on each Cat" . How ever, in the future they will be back on the" playa del Cantal" opposite Mr U.K Mojacar. 
Last Sunday the 6th, five of us, had a very comfortable sail on the "Drascombe" out of Garrucha, along with the Laser 4000, Europe and the 420.

Remember  these Days..

Catamaran sailing Thursdays Playa del Cantal.
Dinghy sailing Saturdays The Cuevas Cana
Dinghy sailing Sunday Garrucha slipway

Take care

John Talliss
Tel : 950 475 157
Movil: 658 548 790

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