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Santa Irene Club de Vela Newsletter - 17th May 2007

So much for the Plans of mice and men, our Mojacar-Garrucha Boat Show scheduled for the 17th of June will have to be cancelled. Too many of our key players have departed to other parts of Europe and I may have to visit the U.K myself. Sorry but there’s no chance of getting 20 boats onto the playa for that Sunday morning. So there goes another of my dreams. Crash, bang, wallop. I’ve had to cancel the invitation to Helen Mc Arthur. But let’s not give up on the idea, where could we hold an annual boat show, perhaps Garrucha port or the new sports ground in Garrucha or Mojacar. For me the ideal situation is the “Plaza” of the Pueblo Indalo, a show to include everything nautical. It could be at the beginning or end of their season, we’ll have to talk to them. At last summer has arrived but the winds have not been good for small boat sailors during the last few weeks. Never the less a dozen of us were on the water at Garrucha last week, if only for a short time. During the week Vic and I have been refurbishing a “Cadet “dinghy for Simon of Aquamarga – which is where the “Osprey” has come from. Our next job will be to replace the rigging on the “Osprey” and I hope you will soon see it on the water it’s a super sailing boat. My sincere thanks to Vic for the time and energy he puts in to maintaining our fleet.

I’ve just received a “Memoria” of the sailing activities for 2006 from the Andaluza Federation and we missed a real spectacle – 380 optimists racing for the Palma Mallorca Trophy – On the 6 to 10 of December.
Sixty eight year old Sir Robin Knox-Johnston is celebrating his fourth place in the round the world “Velux” 5 Ocean Race. He arrived in Bilbao on the 4th of May it had taken him 159 days compared to 313 days in 1969. He said he was still feeling fit and strong – pretty good for a pensioner.

We have now got to the Final of the Louis Vuitton Cup its will be between “Luna Rossa” Italy and “Emirates” New Zealand so by the 12th we will know who will challenge Alanghi for the America’s Cup. 23rd of June to the 7th July.
Remember no boat show on the 17th of June but visit the Playa and talk to the lads and lassies they will be pleased to see you.

I’ll be on the slip-way in Garrucha with the Drascombe and the Ducks

Take care

John Talliss
Tel : 950 475 157
Movil: 658 548 790


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