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Santa Irene Club de Vela Newsletter - 23rd September 2009

Let’s look on the Bright Side, blue sky's, a sailing breeze to suit us all and a slipway where we can launch anything, it will happen. The slipway is there but not complete yet, I guess the contractors have there own priorities.

Last Sunday, we met as usual at our Club House, the Bar: Rincon del Puerto for a chat and to welcome 2 new members. Eventually the wind arrived and we took “Dos Amigos” out of her berth. It was a very enjoyable sail, with a new member’s hand on the tiller.

This may be the last chance I’ll have to remind you: those Big Extreme 40 Catamarans will be racing “in” the Almería Port, 10th to 12th of October. There should be 10 of them racing, within metres of the dock side; it could be an exciting spectacle. It’s the last in the series so at the end of it all, we will know the overall Winner.

I doubt you will have read in the Sports pages of the National Press any thing about the “ISAF Sailing World Cup”. During the last 10 months, there have been 7 Olympic Style Regattas to cover the whole World. 35 Nations have been involved and hundreds of Dinghies Sailors have taken part in these Events. The last in the series was the “Skandia Sail for Gold Regatta at Weymouth and Portland, it was the biggest Olympic and Paralympic Regatta that Great Britain has seen. This will be the venue for the 2012 Olympic Games and its ready now!

The British racing team collected 9 Medals from this event. The overall medal table after the Grand Final of the World Cup Series was as follows: the winner of the “World Nation Cup” with 42 Medals was Great Britain, 2nd was U.S.A with 24 Medals, 3rd was the Netherlands with 18 Medals and Spain was 6th with 15 Medals. I repeat Britain Won the “World Cup” with 42 Medals and a thousand spectators enjoyed seeing our success on the water.

Paul Goodison, our Olympic Gold Medalist in the Laser Class has added another Gold Medal to his collection, winning the Laser World Championships in Canada. Nick Dempsey is yet another
“World Champion” and Gold Medalist in the RSX board sailing, a great result after the disappointment of 4th in the Olympics. Can we keep this up until 2012?

Hope to see you at our dinghy park or the Rincon del Puerto for a coffee. Take care.

John Talliss
Tel : 950 475 157
Movil: 658 548 790

Sailing News Sol Times - 16th September 2009

The Bar- Restaurant “Rincon del Puerto” at Garrucha is slowly but surely, becoming the Club House for Santa Irene, you will find us there enjoying our coffee and tapas. We may be waiting for the Slipway to be completed but we are in our element, “ Swinging the Lamp” as we used to say in the RN. That was a long time ago and I’m still doing it now. We have “Dos Amigos” on her berth less than 20 metres away tugging at her mooring ropes wanting to be on the high seas, where she has been the last few Sundays with the Lads and Lasses of the Club. We have an official Dinghy Park where we can work on our boats, so let’s look forward to October and the opening of the slipway, I have a few bottles of Champagne ready.

When we do come to the “Off” we could have 20 boats on the start line, with or without a boat come and join us; we are a very happy crew.

So what’s happening elsewhere: The “Laser” World Championships in Canada, our very own Paul Goodison has yet another “Gold Medal”, he has been unbeaten in all the major international events since wining Gold in the Olympics.

The Big event happening this week is the “Skandia Sail for Gold Regatta” at Weymouth and Portland. This is an event where most of the Olympic boats take part. The Sailors come from all over the World, 38 Nations and 744 Sailors are involved. Racing is taking place “now” with some very strong winds, gusts up to 35 knots, the British Racing Team are leading in 3 events, the next time I write, we will have all the results.

We have yet another “World Champion”, Nick Dempsea, sailing the RSX, won “Gold” in the Sail Board Championships. A great result after the disappointment of the Olympics where he came 4th.

We hope you are enjoying the Autumn after the heat of the Summer, we look forward to seeing you for a coffee and a chat. Take care.

John Talliss
Tel : 950 475 157
Movil: 658 548 790

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